The website was initiated in 2007 by designers and educators Irina V. Ivanova and Andre L. Milman.


  1. The website is a web space for emerging professionals in fashion design and fashion-related fields.
  2. The provides showcase opportunity for the emerging designers by presentation on the web of selected projects and portfolios.
  3. The website does not pursue any commercial goals and is intended as a tool of promotion of emerging designers. Any advertisement on the website is done with a purpose to offset the cost of creating and maintaining the website.


You can find on the website:

  1. online gallery of portfolios and projects of designers in various fashion-related fields:
    1. Textile design: fabric design and screen printing for fashion
    2. Fashion drawing: stylized drawing for fashion, technical drawing for fashion, fashion illustration.
    3. Costume design. Fashion design creative projects inspired by historical and national costume.
  2. Resources for designers presented on the website include:
    1. Fashion history timelines and related text materials
    2. Fashion illustration and figure drawing templates and related text materials
    3. Technical drawing for fashion templates and related text materials
    4. Fashion presentation guidelines and related text materials
  3. Blog where you can contribute your observations and articles on fashion-related topics.


  • All projects on the website are selected basing on professional qualities and are reviewed by the board members. Board is a group of professionals from fashion industry and fashion-related fields who volunteer their time to share their expertise in the process of selection of projects presented on the web site. You can contact us if you want to submit your project, or just ask us a question and/or make a suggestion.
  • Some projects presented on web gallery were created as a part of design classes at AIFL or at Art Design Studio.
  • All projects are published with written permission of authors. All rights are reserved. You must contact us about permissions. Detailed copyright information about projects published on the website is available on the "copyright" page.
  • All resources presented on the website are courtesy of Irina Ivanova and Andre L. Milman. All rights on all fashion illustration and figure drawing templates, technical drawing for fashion templates and fashion history timelines belong to Irina V. Ivanova and Andre L. Milman. If you have questions about right and/or permissions please contact us using this form. Detailed copyright information resources published on the website i available on the "copyright" page.