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Belinda Baxter

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Collection Exhilaration

was inspired by the renewal of life that we see every spring . I wanted every piece in the collection to breathe life,from the vivid colors,to the bold prints, down to the very shape of each silhouette.Springtime is a time of joy and rebirth, when everything seems to take on an air of freshness and revitalization . I wanted Exhilaration to reflect the freshness of the season with a unique design. The pieces are classy and chic,dressy enough to go out for cocktails with the girls or casual enough to take a walk through the park and enjoy the spring air.To be exhilarated is to be energized,refreshed,and joyful, and that is what Exhilaration is all about.

Exotique for fall

designed around deep, rich colors and bold prints . Deep colors like black, cranberry, and purple make the collection perfect for any fall color palette . The blending of bold prints, such as floral motifs and brightly colored houndstooth, give the collection a unique texture and gives the eyes something to appreciate . The combination of rich colors, bold textures, and distinctive silhouettes give Exotique a look that is both exotic and unique. Be it at the office, a dinner party, or even just relaxing with friends, Exotique is a perfect addition to any fall wardrobe.