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Textile by Bradley Deitterick

Textile design by Bradley:
Bradley Deitterick (born 1977) is a native of Bloomsburg, PA. After getting his degree at Southern Columbia (1996) he began work at a fabric company. Inspired by the fabric, he moved to New York City (1999) to pursue modeling. After being a freelance model for 6 years in the city, he moved to Florida to attend The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in 2005 to study fashion design.

She Wore it First
"She Wore it First" is a collection for the woman who is looking for originality, and an article of clothing that no one owns. She can walk the streets, and walk the mall and have people remember, �She wore it first�. This collection is never seen before black & white textiles with a hint of gray. Mostly worn to an eventful night out of town, and a romantic dinner for two.
She wore it first 1 She wore it first 2

"Dangered Florals" is a collection inspired by orchids in the last two decades. About 1500 rare and threatened species, of both flowering and nonflowering plant groups. A majority of them could be attributed to habitat destruction due to grazing, urbanization and other developmental activities and over exploitation. The use of cotton and silk shows the precision of textile for the spring collection. These garments would be worn to a picnic, stroll in the park, or casual dinner.
Dangered floral 1 Dangered floral 2

Stand Tall!
"Stand Tall!" is a collection that is inspired by abstract expressionist Jackson Pollack. These designs were made from combining light colors with a dull or vivid color creating an incredible synchronization for the summer time. An astounding palette of color, and new innovation will bring a young woman to stand tall and look at herself in a new-found way. Stand tall is ideal for an art exhibit, a night out of town with a girls, and a walk in the park with your special someone.
Stand tall 1 Stand tall 2

"U12BME" is a Collection of fun zigzag patterns made from superior wool, viscose and polyamide. U12bme tells the story of a woman who shows others they only wish they could be them. These garments can be worn both at a daytime or night event.
U12BME 1 U12BME 2