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Sasipim Prachitwat

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is the collection that represents the playfulness in prints and clothing. It was inspired by the imaginary cartoon characters. The collection is targeted the subteen age group because of the appropriateness of the colors, the prints, and the silhouettes. The Kinky Spring collection exploded with the trendiest colors of spring time. The collection included the raincoat and the umbrella’s collection. It puts the style in the everyday boring raincoat and umbrellas. The garments displayed the prints of the Kinky Bear characters and its friends which make it fun to wear.

Kinky #1 Kinky #2 Kinky #3

Kinky #4 Kinky #5 Kinky #6 Kinky #7


is a very feminine collection. The garments have unique silhouettes yet feminine. The collection is appropriate to wear to a cocktail party, a romantic dinner, or even wear it as a day time dress. It is transferable from day to night. The floral prints are displayed on the garment in variety of colors, which give options to the customers. The fabric is flowy and light. The color in this collection is soft and romantic.

Flirtatious #1 Flirtatious #2 Flirtatious #3

Flirtatious #4 Flirtatious #5 Flirtatious #6

Romantic flow

is an autumn collection. This season is filled with rich, dark, and romantic colors. Therefore, it only makes sense to use velvet because of its rich hues and textures. Chiffon in also included in this collection; it give the garments that femininity and flow that it needs. The silhouette is fitted yet gives enough room for the fabric to naturally clink to the women’s curves. The fabrics are soft yet protective of the cold weather. The garments give enough sex appeal to be both classy and sexy. The used of the geometric prints is the twist of the modern trends in this collection.

Romantic flow #1 Romantic flow #2 Romantic flow #3 Romantic flow #4

Romantic flow #5 Romantic flow #6 Romantic flow #7 Romantic flow #8

Romantic flow #9 Romantic flow #10