Team Members

We have a diverse team of experts. They include:

Mr. Evans Clementine

Art Designer

Clementine joined the company in 2012. He worked at an art studio in New York before he decided to bring his immense expertise to our company. Since then, he has helped us create the perfect art studio gallery where hundreds of art designers can find refuge.

Mrs. Irene Trevor

Modeling Expert

Irene is a fashion designer who was who walked the red carpet for the past 15 years. She understands the ins and out of creating the ultimate fashion item. Our art designers love her because of her experience and ability to help other people.

Mr. Kelly Rutherford

Fashion Designer

Kelly is a modeling expert. She has the perfect body for testing out the latest fashion items. If you want to know how your fashion item will look on a person, you need to contact Kelly.


Client says-

I know “Art Design Fashion” studio. They are one of the best studio who has world class design and latest fashionable art. I was collect some art and I am really really happy with this studio.

Mr. Adam Smit


I am joseff Doe, This art studio is very well known. I was purchased some art and I am very pleased with this studio. I found from here what exactly i want.

Mr. Joseff Doe


I purchased classical art design. i love art painting. Every year I need to buy new art design. Finally i got this studio. They collect modern, new and realistic art.

Mrs. Mira Alex